Top Line Results

Peak Revenue’s approach to Pricing and Revenue Strategy has achieved millions of dollars of incremental profits for a range of consulting clients – from multi-billion dollar public corporations to mid-size and entrepreneurial private companies, including bankruptcy workouts and private equity plays.

Customer Segmentation

Peak Revenue focuses on your customers. We mine your company’s historical data to see how your customer segments behave, how much they’re willing-to-pay, their loyalty characteristics, when they purchase and how they shop.


Every company has multiple constituencies: customers, owners, and often-divergent perspectives among different departments.  We navigate that by building a fact-based, analytical structure to frame the revenue management discussion.

Competitive Analysis

Customers have a lot of choices.  That’s why we dive into your competition’s relative strengths and weaknesses.  Our revenue recommendations are influenced by who you’re up against, what their product features are and how they price.


We specialize in designing and building reporting packages that illuminate key revenue drivers and get everyone on the same page.


Our price programs have helped stimulate billions of dollars in sales, across the full spectrum of price points, from the mass-market to the ultra-luxury sector.


We craft carefully targeted promotions to stimulate incremental sales in a way that’s appropriate for your brand.

Marketing and Channel Strategy

We collaborate with sales and marketing to use promotions as a tool to expand distribution channels; enter new markets, and attract new customer segments.

Budgeting and Forecasting

We build revenue budgets by creating detailed Demand Plans with specific revenue targets by customer segment and distribution channel.  Our tools look ahead at likely variances and trigger contingency plans for staying on target.

Inventory Management

Peak Revenue is on the cutting edge of using the analytical tools of revenue management to reach out into the market to capture high-value business.  And we’re also good at the fundamentals of managing inventory by selling the right product, to the right people, at the right time and at the right price.


We don’t consider a project complete until your company is achieving results.  Peak Revenue gets embedded with your management teams, working with them and training them so that new revenue techniques become part of your company’s normal routine.